Pleated Filter Bag

We offer the quality engineered spun bond Pleated Filter Bags that utilize the latest technology to enhance dust removal in demanding or high performance applications. We fabricate high quality Pleated Filter Bags that replace fabric bag filters and cages, used in many dust collectors. Pleated Filter Bags are engineered to fit dust collectors of various sizes and are fabricated to ensure ease of installation and change out. Pleated Filter Bags are easily mounted into various size cell plates for both top and bottom load dust collectors.


  • 100% Spun bond media
  • Higher efficiency of 99.97 %
  • Cost effective alternative to fabric filter bags and cages
  • Filter area is 2-4 times larger than traditional bags
  • Open pleat spacing & low consumption of air
  • Specialty finishes to enhance the performance
  • Washable exterior
  • Increase air flow in existing dust collectors
  • Ideal for problem dust collectors
  • Temperature up to 200 degree fahrenheight
  • Smaller housing required for new collectors
  • Lower life cycle cost


We can help you to select the Pleated Filter Bag, best suited to your application, based on the following parameters:

  • Chemical content of the filtered dust
  • Characteristics of dust
  • Humidity or moisture

They are extensively used in various Pharmaceutical, Blasting & Grinding, Fume Plants, Pneumatic Conveying Industries, etc.

Activated Carbon Filters

Carbon has been used for many years in loose form to remove color and odor from liquids. In certain applications, the loose carbon can be replaced with a carbon impregnated filter pad. When using loose carbon, it is necessary to remove the carbon with some means of filtration. If that include a plate and frame filter press, then the press can be dressed with activated carbon filter pads, eliminating the need for dumping loose carbon into a mixing tank, and then scraping the carbon off of a filter paper or cloth.

We offer two series of Activated Carbon Filter in two different grades, RBK2, RBK25. Each grade can be manufactured with various different grades of carbon, allowing to help optimize your filtration.